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Symbolising & Thematics

A picture paints a thousand words!
How data is symbolised can have a huge impact on how clearly the patterns in spatial data are revealed or consealed. The mini modules in this category address the miriad of options there are for symbolising data layers with single symbology and with different thematic types. Also considered are the use of legends and different legend windows.
It is worth noting that some of these mini modules are longer than normal. This is due to the numerious options that are available when symbolising and creating thematic maps.

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The Legend Manager Tool +

how to access and use the Legend Manger tool to create multiple Thematic Legend windows

Single Symbology for Map Features +

how to control the single symbology of point, line and region (polygon) features in a layer

Grid Thematic Mapping +

how to create a grid thematic map/new dataset from input point data

Custom Symbols +

how to add and use your own custom symbols for symbolising point data

Thematic Expression & Join Mapping +

how to create thematics from information calculated on-the-fly via expressions or a tabular join

Ranges Thematic Mapping +

how to create a ranges thematic map

Individual Thematic Mapping +

how to create individual thematic maps

Dot Density Thematic Mapping +

how to create dot density thematic maps

Graduated Thematic Mapping +

how to create graduate thematic maps

Chart Thematic Mapping +

how to create chart (bar & pie) thematic maps

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