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The ability to create and manage layouts is a key aspect of using MapInfo. Layouts support the ability to create a map containing a range of different types of information including map windows, browsers and legends. The ability to include a range of other elements such as scale bars, overviews, north arrows and logos are also supported.
Each of the mini modules considers a specific aspect of creating and managing a layout, including the ability to create, use and manage layout templates.

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Creating Layered PDF Output +

how to create a layered PDF file with interactive layers

Creating & Using Layout Templates +

how to create a layout template to speed up the production of layouts with a standard format

Setting Scale on a Layout +

how to make layouts at the required scale

Creating a Layout +

how to create a layout

Additional Layout Tools +

how to enhance a layout with scalebars, overview windows and other elements

Saving & Printing Layouts +

how to save layout and map windows as different file types and print

Printing a Layout to File +

how to save a layout to a prn file

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