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One of the most important aspects of using any GIS software is the availability of data. These series of mini modules look at a range of aspects outlining how data can be correctly added and managed in the ArcGIS software. Different aspects of spatial (vector and raster) and attribute data are covered.

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Data Conversion +

a look at the data conversion tools available in ArcCatalog

Metadata +

an explanation of metadata, the differences between ISO & FGDC and editing metadata

Raster Catalog +

an explanation of how to create a raster catalog to efficiently store and access multiple raster images

XY Coordinates to Points +

how to transform coordinate pairs held as attributes in a database or table into spatial points on a map

Georeferencing +

a look at how to georeference an image that lacks a world file

Connecting to External Databases +

an insight on how to connect ArcGIS to external databases using Windows ODBC drivers

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