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Here is some brief news from GIS247.
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AGI Wales - Annual Conference
We're absolutely delighted to announce that we are sponsoring the prestigious GeoCymru annual conference this year.
Debbie Soloman, our training director will be giving a keynote presentation around this year’s theme of Discovering Geospatial.
This prestigious event is being held at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff. It’s going to be a great day for delegates with an interest in geospatial software and services.
Come and visit GIS247 at the event.
April 2019

QGIS Updates - v 3x
We are working hard to update all our QGIS e-learning to the latest 3.x version. This training will be with full InVision video plus hands on exercises with data. Available very soon.
October 2018

E-Learning Access Renewals
Throughout the year many of our customer's annual licence to access our e-learning are due to end. We're delighted that we continue to retain our near 100% renewal rate!
July 2018

ArcGIS Pro e-learning Released
We've been working hard for a while now developing our series of ArcGIS Pro e-learning courses. Delighted that these are now available to our GIS247 customers who have access to our ArcGIS focused e-learning .
Comprehensive training video's and accompanying hands-on exercises are available together with course assessments for users to gain a certificate for their developed skills.
May 2018

AGI Scotland 2018
Delighted to be attending AGI Scotland event in Glasgow today. Interesting program of talks and presentations. Focus of GIS applications and security & ethics. It was also a great opportunity to meet up with a number of our Scottish e-learning customers.
February 2018

Train the GIS Trainer
Great way to start the New Year by delivering our face 2 face specialist Train the Trainer GIS course in London. This course has been developed based on our 20+ years of delivering successful training. Its wonderful to be able to pass on our knowledge and experience to others who will support GIS users in their own organisation. The aim delivering the course today is to support this organisations GIS consultants to deliver specific GIS training to their colleagues all over the country. Great day with lots of participation and learning activities.
January 2018

Learning Management System (LMS) Enhancements
We have enhanced the reporting information that is recorded in our Learning Management System (LMS) about each user's GIS247 account. This helps organisations monitor individual progress more effectively and therefore improves our ability to support them.
Information on the detail of these enhancements is being sent out in the latest newsletter today to all GIS247 account administrators.
December 2017

Training Delivery for the National Trust
The whole of this year has kept our Training Manager busy with delivering a series of face to face courses for the National Trust. Debbie has trained over 300 NT employees at different locations throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The course delivered was a bespoke course developed by us based on the National Trust's custom GIS intranet software. The delivery of this training has been so successful that this course is now a key organisational resource and can now be accessed as e-learning via GIS247.
"Its been a great year meeting a range of different NT people that are using GIS is many different ways. Its been a privilege to work with them and support the amazing work that the National Trust does. I'm delighted that this phase of training has been so successful and subsequently we've been asked to develop further training and support for the NT's ambitious Land, Outdoor and Nature Programme."
November 2017

Keeping in Touch with our Customers
With our e-learning service we develop a good working relationship with our customers by email and phone but we do like to attend as many events as possible so that we can meet and chat to people face to face. This week we were invited to attend the Natural England internal conference so that we can catch up in person. Always a super event to attend and see some familiar and new faces.
February 2017

Something We Put Together
Want to know more about GIS247 ? Watch our video at https://youtu.be/RPPCGM-nEnM
February 2017

Defra Geography Forum 2016
There were a series of very interesting talks at the bi-annual Defra Geography Forum this week. It was a great opportunity for Debbie and Catherine from GIS247 to meet in person many of our e-learning customers. The praise and feedback on the quality of our training was delightful to hear. The range of QGIS, ArcGIS and MapInfo training that we provide is genuinely appreciated from all organisations that attended. It was a very enjoyable and informative event.
News release by GIS247, September 2016.

Courses for QGIS Released
Phew! - After a lot of hard work, we are very pleased to announce the release of a set of training course for QGIS.
The first course in the bundle of 3 is already available under our Training Catalog - GIS247 Guide to QGIS: Part 1.
Two additional courses will be available by the end of the year. These are GIS247 Guide to QGIS: Part 2 and Mastering QGIS.
These courses are of our usual high standard and are a mix of video presentations (with closed captions) plus hands-on exercises. As with our other courses each user also has the opportunity to gain a course certificate for passing each course assessment.
Our usual licence options are available to purchase this 3 course QGIS training bundle: Ultimate, Set User and Charity/Academic.
News release by GIS247, November 2015.

Shhh - Something to Shout About!
We have begun to release our new, updated MapInfo training courses. Not only has the training content been updated but we have fully transferred the presentation component over to video. This shows the software being used to demonstrate the functions being outlined. Closed captions have also been included for all the videos. There are a number of exercises to accompany the videos and these have also been updated to include a MCQ approach. Our first course is fully available for MapInfo licence holders with additional courses becoming available very soon.
News release by GIS247, July 2015.

Defra Geography Forum
Debbie Soloman (GIS247's Training Manager) attended the Geography Forum held by DEFRA for organisations in the DEFRA network. As many of the organisations use GIS247 for their ArcGIS/MapInfo GIS training it was a great opportunity to meet individual users face to face. We had some brilliant feedback on the quality of our training and how useful it has been. It was a very enjoyable and informative event.
News release by GIS247, November 2014.

Welcome Phoebe
We are excited to introduce you to the latest member of the GIS247 team - Phoebe.
Phoebe Doyle is an excellent copywriter and journalist. She will be ensuring that we communicate effectively with our new and existing customers and provide some interesting case studies on how our e-learning has made a real difference to people with their use of GIS.
News release by GIS247, October 2014.

Do you know.....?

Do you know that GIS247 is the e-learning service developed and run by Sological Solutions? Sological Solutions have been providing high quality GIS training since 1997 and launched e-learning in GIS in 2009. As we've been around for quite a while we thought our Sological logo needed updating. Hope you like our new one!
News release by GIS247, September 2014.

Congratulations - baby girl !
Congratulations to Dominique (GIS247 Training Consultant) on the safe arrival of her baby girl. Little Ellis was an early arrival on 9th July. Mum and baby are doing well.
News release by GIS247, July 2014.

GIS247 receive NEW accreditation by the RGS
We are delighted to announce that all our MapInfo and ArcGIS training courses are now fully accredited by the Royal Geographical Society (RGS). The Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) is the UK’s learned society and professional body for geography. The RGS provides a respected scheme for the achievement of chartered geographer (CGeog) status. Debbie Soloman, Training Manager at GIS247 commented, “We are delighted that our training has been fully recognised by the RGS and awarded accreditation status. The achievement of CGeog is a significant achievement and we are proud that our training can assist GIS users in their annual commitment to the maintenance of this professional status.”
All MapInfo and ArcGIS courses at GIS247 now have accreditation status from the RGS, GIS Certification Institute and the Association of Geographic Information (AGI).
Now that GIS247's e-learning courses are RGS accredited, users earn points towards the CPD component of their CGeog status for every course that they complete. Maintenance of CGeog status requires a minimum level of CPD per year. The achievement of CPD points from GIS247’s training counts towards application for and maintenance of the CGeog status including sub disciplines, such as General and GIS.
News release by GIS247, June 2014.

Upgrades to GIS247 Administrator page go live
Our developers have been working on more changes behind the scenes. These enable each organisations own GIS247 Administrator to more easily manage their training licence. It’s now clearer how to set up users, create groups and manage course access. Administrators can now also access individual assessment certificates to review progress.
News release by GIS247, June 2014.

Congratulations - baby girl !
Congratulations to Catherine (GIS247 Sales Coordinator) on the safe arrival of her baby girl. Little Thea was born on 7th May. Mum and baby are doing well.
News release by GIS247, May 2014.

Launch of new Search function
We are really pleased to bring you news of our latest development - the launch of a new Search function. This Search ability makes it even easier to locate a specific topic within the many courses, modules and other presentations that are available.
To run a search, simply click the Search button that’s on the Training Catalog.
Type in the text you wish to search on. For example, ‘symbology’ and a list of all presentations relating to your search text will return; in order of significance.
A logged-in user can then watch the presentations that are listed. The new Search capability is ideal for looking up all the training presentations relating to a specific topic or detailed function.
News release by GIS247, April 2014.

Upgrades to My GIS247 page go live
Our developers have been very busy improving the information that’s available to users on their 'My GIS247' page. The My GIS247 page is unique to each user and is your ‘home’ page once logged in. This page tracks individual training progress providing a record of where you got to with your training – making it easy to pick up where you left off. We’ve provided several updates and enhancements including:
* How your My GIS247 page looks * Clearer account settings and more options * Clearer information on your organisation’s administrator
We’ve also made the training assessment certificates that you have achieved available directly so that you can print them at any time.
Of particular note is the new Success Tracker. This provides up to date information on the training assessments that users from your organisation have passed. It’s great for motivation and keeping everyone engaged with their e-learning!
News release by GIS247, April 2014.

GIS247 Workshop at GEO Business 2014
Interested in how GIS247 works and what we have to offer? There is a unique opportunity to attend our training and demonstration session at 4.15pm on Weds 28th May, room F. The 30 minute session will outline how GIS247 works and how e-learning is accessed. Registration is on the day but places are limited.
Its FREE to attend the exhibition but you will need to register to attend.
News release by GIS247, March 2014.

GIS247 will be at the GEO Business 2014 exhibition
This new exhibition in the UK on the 28th & 29th May is being termed THE GEOSPATIAL EVENT. “It looks as though this is going to be a big event and we are delighted to be able to participate at both our stand and in running a workshop. We hope that it will be a good opportunity for people who haven’t tried e-learning before to come and find out more about GIS247 and the benefits our training offers,” says Debbie Soloman, Training Manager at GIS247. We will be on stand K4 and also running a workshop. Its FREE to attend the exhibition but you will need to register to attend - come and say Hello!
News release by GIS247, January 2014.

Huge series of technical modules for ArcGIS 10.2 released
We are delighted to announce the release of over 270 short technical presentations on how to use specific functions in the ArcGIS v10.2 software. These presentations or mini modules compliment the range of full training courses we provide in ArcGIS.
Each presentation shows exactly how to use the software to perform a specific function. They are ideal for post training follow-up when you want a quick ‘refresher’ on how to do something specific.
These modules are divided in to the following categories: About ArcGIS, Data Structures, Adding Data, Symbolising, Working in Data View, Spatial Analysis, Shared Data Sources, Editing Data, Labels & Annotation. We are committed to continuing to add additional mini modules to this series.
These technical modules are available for users once they log-in. They are located on the Modules tab of the Training Catalog.
News release by GIS247, January 2014.

Delight at prestigious award
The prestigious Landscape Institute Awards, 2013 took place on 21st November at London’s famous Big Top, Coram Fields.
Shortlisted for an award in the Landscape Policy & Research category was the project titled “What Makes a View?” The project was a comprehensive study for the Blackdown Hills AONB which focused on determining what elements make a view, its effect and value. The project was led by Fiona Fyfe Associates. Sological Solutions (GIS247) undertook the GIS elements which involved the development of methodologies for the creation of theoretical zones of visibility and inter-visibility and the development of a web based public consultation application.
Members from the project team were delighted to be presented with a Highly Commended award. The judges commented: “This is a novel approach which focuses on bringing arts and science-based approaches together in examining views on the landscape.”
Debbie Soloman (GIS247) commented, “We are thrilled that the project has been so highly recognised and praised. It was an interesting concept to work on and it delivered valuable results which will affect the management of the AONB for many years to come.”
The cream of the landscape and design industries were present, with winning entries from a diverse set of projects undertaken from around the globe. These included the 2016 Olympic Park design for Rio, Garden by the Bay in Singapore, the re-development of London’s Leicester Square and Network Rails National Lineside Vegetation Management Strategy. The awards were ably presented by the entertaining Wayne Hemmingway MBE.
News release by GIS247, November 2013.

Competition winner!
During the AGI's GeoCommunity '13 'Open for Business' Conference delegates were invited to enter GIS247’s competition for a free training course.
The winner is Zoe Briggs, who is the GIS Team Leader from the Canal & River Trust. Zoe has decided to donate her prize to her colleague Louise Shakeshaft who is just starting out in GIS. Zoe thought access to the GIS247 e-learning training would be an ideal way for Louise to develop her skills and knowledge. Louise is going to take the Mastering ArcGIS 10.1 course. We look forward to hearing from Louise how she got on once she has completed her training. Congratulations to Zoe and Louise!
News release by GIS247, October 2013.

Consortium shortlisted for prestigious award
We are delighted that the project “What Makes a View” has been shortlisted for the prestigious Landscape Awards 2013. This
project was undertaken by a consortium of landscape architects and GIS specialists on behalf of the Blackdown Hills AONB partnership.
Consultants from Sological Solutions (GIS247) undertook the GIS elements of the project. This involved 3D view mapping and analysis and the development of a web-based public consultation application. The consortium has been shortlisted for an award in the Landscape Policy & Research category. The awards are being held in London on 21st November.
Fingers crossed!
News release by GIS247, October 2013.

GIS247 Sponsor AGI GeoCommunity '13 Conference
We are delighted to be a sponsor of AGI's GeoCommunity '13 Conference, on 17th-18th September. Members of our training team will be on hand throughout the two days and we will be showcasing some of our latest training presentations. This year's conference looks set to be bigger and better than ever with an interesting and diverse set of papers being presented.
News release by GIS247, September 2013.

Our growing team
A big welcome is also needed for Nicola who is joining the training team and will be involved in the development of new technical material.
News release by GIS247, August 2013.

Dominique has been with us for a while now so a big (belated) welcome to her. Dominique is taking
up the role of Training and Marketing Consultant. We are also welcoming Catherine as our new Sales Coordinator and Jordan who will be assisting with the development and expansion of new training material.
News release by GIS247, July 2013.

The GIS247 Store is open!
GIS247 is delighted to announce that the new GIS247 Store is open!
It has always been possible to purchase a licence to our e-training in MapInfo and ArcGIS on-line but we have made it even easier with the launch of our new on-line Store. The Store allows all types of licence to be purchased: Ultimate, Set User (for different numbers up to 9) and an Academic/Charity licence. Visit the GIS247 Store to order your licence for 12 months unlimited training in ArcGIS or MapInfo.
News release by GIS247, June 2013.

Success at GEO-South
GEO-South was a great event and we spoke with many people from a variety of organisations about their use of GIS and the training that they want. Some of our visitors had not considered e-learning before and were amazed when we showed them how easy it is to use and how comprehensive the training is. They were even more amazed when they realised they get access to ALL the courses (ArcGIS or MapInfo) for a whole year!
The evening Gala dinner was also a resounding success with over 180 people attending and listing to the colourful stories of the after dinner speaker. The GIS247 team also got to try out their new logo tops (see our Facebook page).
News release by GIS247, May 2013.

We are heading south!
The 1st and 2nd May brings the Geo-South exhibition to the Holiday Inn at Elstree (London). "As exhibiting at GEO-North was so successful for us we thought that we would exhibit at GEO-South as well," says Debbie Soloman, Training Manager at GIS247. "Its clear that e-learning is growing in popularity and people want to come and speak with us about their needs. Being at Geo-South will enable us to engage directly with people from the south of the country across a 2 day event". Attendance at Geo-South is free with lunch included. There are also an exciting series of seminars for people to attend. To register to attend click here.
News release by GIS247, April 2013.

Unique and time limited offer for students
In conjunction with the leading geo-spatial portal Location-Source, GIS247 is making available a 20%+ discount offer to students. This is for a very limited period only.
GIS247 is offering a 12 month licence for unlimited access to all ArcGIS training courses, all GIS Essentials educational presentations and all the technical solution modules for the ArcGIS software.
Site support is included and you can speak to a member of GIS247s training team when you want. You will be fully supported by our integrated Learning Management System and also have the opportunity to be awarded a skills assessed certificate for each training course. All courses are accredited by the AGI and GIS Certification Institute.
Click here to open the PDF with the full list of what is included in this unique offer.
News release by GIS247 with Location-Source, April 2013.

What Makes a View?
Did you know that at GIS247 we also provide consultancy?
One of our recent projects involved creating viewshed analysis for the Blackdown Hills AONB. The latest phase of this project involves a public consultation asking people about their favourite view across the Blackdown Hills. Our developers at GIS247 created an on-line application for people to locate their view and provide some comments on their viewpoint. If you know the Blackdown Hills AONB and would like to take part in the survey (or take a look at our application) just visit View Survey
News release by GIS247, April 2013.

Location-Source helps spread the word about the benefits of E-Learning
Each month Location-Source has a special focus. This month, this web portal is focusing on the benefits of E-Learning and has published, in full, the article written by GIS247s Training Manager, Debbie Soloman. "E-Learning is growing in popularity due to the huge benefits this self-paced approach has on a persons ability to consolidate their learning," says Debbie. "Its great that these benefits are starting to be recognised by GIS users due to the quality of the GIS training that we provide at GIS247". To read the article visit Location Source
News release by GIS247, March 2013.

GIS247 Exhibits at GEO-North
Some members from GIS247s training team appeared at this years’ GEO-North event at the Reebok Stadium, Bolton. “GEO-North was a good event to exhibit at as we met a number of people interested in developing their ArcGIS and MapInfo skills. We also received some good suggestions about the additional types of technical training that people would like to receive via e-learning," says Debbie Soloman, Training Manager at GIS247. "Its clear that e-learning is growing in popularity as a beneficial approach to training."
Attendees at the exhibition also got to attend a series of free seminars which
were very interesting and informative.
News release by GIS247, March 2013.

GIS247 Extends Licence Scheme for e‐Learning in ArcGIS and MapInfo
Until now GIS247's Linked licence scheme has only been available to government organisations and their partners in the UK. It has run very successfully, for the last 2 years providing extended access to ArcGIS and MapInfo e‐learning, to an additional 350 users in the scheme (in each year). "Due to its success we are extending this scheme to non-government organisations to support a joined up approach to GIS training " says Debbie Soloman, Training Manager at GIS247. The Linked licence scheme allows an associated or partner organisation to the main licence holder with an Ultimate licence to have their own ‘linked’ licence, at a reduced rate. The linked organisation then also has unlimited access to all the training material in ArcGIS or MapInfo for the same 12 months duration. To read the full news release click here to visit the AGI web site.
News release by GIS247, January 2013.

GeoConnexion UK Publishes Article by GIS247s Training Manager
"An e-Learning approach to GIS training has many, many advantages over traditional training," says Debbie Soloman, GIS247s Training Manager. "I thought I would put an article together outlining the key benefits of the 'e' part of our training approach and GeoConnexion (the GIS industries long established and respected publication) wanted to publish it." To read the article visit e-Learning for GIS: benefit from the 'e'!
Published in GeoConnexion UK Magazine January 2013, Volume 11, Issue 1.

GIS247 would like to congratulate The Coal Authority for winning this years Central Government Best Practice & Innovation Award. "All the entries for the AGI 2012 Awards were very well presented and deserving. It was a difficult decision", says Debbie Soloman from GIS247. "The Coal Authority have very successfully implemented a big bang approach to how they work and achieved some remarkable results."
News release by GIS247, November 2012.

We are really pleased to be able to continue our support of the great work that the AGI does for the UKs GIS community by continuing to sponsor the Central Government Best Practice & Innovation Award in 2012. The winner will be announced on the 27th November at the awards luncheon which is being held in Southampton.
News release by GIS247, November 2012.

The article written by Jeremy Murfitt for the GIS247 competition has been published by the UK’s leading GIS publication GIS Professional (issue 45: April 2012). In his article, Jeremy outlines how he has implemented a GIS for managing Donington Park Race Circuit. He initially concentrated on organising all of the information for building a property database and then included services. This approach was vital as there were several big events to plan for and associated with its coexistence with the international airport next door. Jeremy was supported throughout by access to e-learning and technical guidance from GIS247.
Jeremy is the winner of GIS247’s competition which invited users to outline their use of GIS. He is a director at EIS Property and about GIS247 he comments “The online training programme developed by GIS247 is ideal for me as a consultant working in the property and GIS arena. It’s accessible at any time, the quality of the training material is excellent and it is affordable”
Click on the picture to read Jeremy’s full article about his experience over the past year.
News release by GIS247, May 2012.

Congratulations to the Welsh Government for winning this year's Central Government Best Practice & Innovation Award. Winners of the AGI, 2011 awards were announced at a delightful dinner on 24th November in London. "Bill Oates and his team from the Welsh Government are well deserving of being this year's winners" says Debbie Soloman from GIS247, "and we are delighted to be closely involved with the AGI and in sponsoring this annual award".
News release by GIS247, November 2011.

As this is the last Training Days of 2011, it seems good timing to reflect on the past year and look forward to 2012.
This year has seen GIS247 expand its user base considerably, with increasing numbers of domestic and international users enjoying our professional eLearning solutions. We are delighted to welcome all of our new customers but also thank our existing customers who have renewed their licences, some of whom have been with us since the service launched in January 2009. Our course base has expanded too and we’ve been delighted with your feedback and proud to see the contribution GIS247 has made to a wide range of projects mentioned in many testimonials and research papers.
2012 will see many exciting developments, with new courses including ArcGIS 10.1 getting the GIS247 treatments and an expansion of our GIS Essentials presentations. There will also be instructor-led virtual training sessions for GIS247 customers, with specific software functions presented, with users able to experiment with the live support from our trainers. We also have some very pleasant surprises up our sleeves to further enhance the incredible value, rich resource and fantastic return on investment offered by GIS247.
Training Days: Published in GEOconnexion International Magazine November 2011, Volume 10, Issue 10. Click on the image for the Training Days PDF of this issue.

Thank you to all our users who submitted articles to our user competition. We were delighted with the response and it was very interesting to read how your new GIS skills are being used in such a wide variety of application areas! The winner of this competition is Mr Jeremy Murfitt from EIS Property who wins a new iPad 2. The runner up is Mr Donald Payne from Fife Council who wins £50 in vouchers for M&S. Articles based on these winning entries will be available for you to read soon.
News release by GIS247, November 2011.

Training Days: Published in GEOconnexion International Magazine October 2011, Volume 10, Issue 9. Click on the image for the Training Days PDF of this issue.

New to GIS247 are a series of educational presentations about GIS which are titled GIS Essentials. They can be found on the Training Catalog and are available to all our licenced users for FREE. Already available are a number of presentations and we plan to expand this in the months ahead. We would like to hear from you if you have any suggestions on additional topics you would like to see covered. Email your ideas/comments using the Contact Us tab.
News release by GIS247, October 2011.

Every year, the AGI judges and presents a set of industry awards as one of the ways in which the AGI encourages best practice, innovation and maximum use of geographic information. This year, GIS247 is proud to sponsor the AGI Award for Innovation & Best Practice (Central Government). The award will be announced and presented at the Annual Awards Dinner on 24th November, 2011 at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London.
News release by GIS247, September 2011.

Congratulations to Mark Selby for presenting a paper titled "Significant return on investment with GIS E-Learning at Nottinghamshire County Council " at the AGI conference on 20-22 September. Mark's presentation highlighted the tangible and non-tangible benefits of using GIS247's e-learning to support their multitude of GIS users across the authority.
News release by GIS247, September 2011.

Thank you to the thousands of users who make use of the e-learning for ArcGIS and MapInfo that we provide on-demand at GIS247. This month marks a key milestone in the availability of our service, as we are expanding. The number and type of courses available at GIS247 is being extended. The first phase of this is the release of a number of training presentations around the theme ‘GIS – Essentials’.
These presentations address a series of issues that are the foundation to the knowledge of users successfully implementing and analysing data in their GIS software.
A further key development at GIS247 is now the ability to pick and pay for access to specific courses. Until now, a GIS247 licence has given users access to ALL the e-learning for their chosen GIS software. We have added to this approach with the ability for users to pick and choose a specific course or courses that they want access to, and pay accordingly. This is all supported by a new streamlined on-line ordering capability which gives greater flexibility to users wishing to follow an e-learning approach. To take a look at our latest developments visit our Training Catalog.
Training Days: Published in GEOconnexion International Magazine Aug/Sept 2011, Volume 10, Issue 8. Click on the image for the Training Days PDF of this issue.

Mapping the beauty of the Devon coast provided a challenge for Fiona Fyfe and Living Landscapes. Debbie Soloman looks at how on-demand GIS training helped deliver rapid results.

Iona Gerrard from Fife Council has become a GIS expert over the last 6 months, providing invaluable skills and resources in using the ArcGIS software to her Business Development Team. She has achieved this by using the learning on-demand approach provided by GIS247.
Already an existing ArcGIS user, Iona broadened and deepened her knowledge by developing additional skills and gained more experience by following eight comprehensive training courses.
The flexible nature of GIS247 meant that Iona could access the e-learning whenever she wanted. She put aside a few hours each week. As GIS247’s Learning Management System keeps track of each users’ progress it was really easy for her to simply carry on from where she got to. “When I did some training I just popped my headphones on and I got on with it.”
Iona submitted an assessment for each courses and gained distinction in them all. “This is an incredible achievement,” says GIS247 Training Manager, Debbie Soloman. “The assessments are rigorous and users must prove their competence to gain a certificate let alone a distinction.”
Iona has undoubtedly increased her value to her team. Due to her new expertise she is now working on a complex corporate address gazetteer improvement project as well as providing useful technical support to her immediate colleagues. Iona is enjoying the new challenge, “A lot of the tips that I learnt on the training courses are turning out to be very useful. I am really pleased that I am able to assist my colleagues and provide more technical resources for my team.”
Training Days: Published in GEOconnexion International Magazine July 2011, Volume 10, Issue 7. Click here... for the Training Days PDF of this issue. Click on the image to view the GIS247 article about Iona's experience.

At GIS247 we would like to hear about the project or application that you are working on using your GIS software. This competition is open to all licenced users of our learning-on-demand service. We would like to know how the training you have followed has helped you develop skills and knowledge that have enabled you to work more effectively or work on a new project or how you can now support others. Prizes will be awarded for the winning articles with the overall winner receiving an new iPad2 !
News release by GIS247, June 2011.

GIS247 is the e-learning solution that trains ALL GIS users from many organisations across the UK and beyond. We recently held a webinar, during which we demonstrated how GIS247 is more than a comprehensive source of e-learning material. Thank you to the many who attended the webinar but if you were unable to join us, you can now view the webinar from the home page of our website, www.gis247.com.
The webinar illustrates the complete learning environment provided by GIS247 and how it assists managers provide training to their users. GIS247 enhances its vast library of training courses and technical modules with a Learning Management System (LMS) that tracks user progress through courses. This aids individual development and provides managers with an easy-to-access and easy-to-understand method for tracking individual skill development. For example, a manager just has to click on a user’s name to view that user’s entire GIS247 training history.
The webinar also illustrates how multiple user accounts (some of our customers have over 200 users) can be grouped together for simple management. These groups can be assigned their own training objectives with access to courses controllable at the group level. Course access can also be controlled at the individual user level giving a highly tailored approach, helping guide users to the courses determined as suitable for their needs.
We believe that GIS247 provides the most flexible, cost-effective and comprehensive approach to GIS training available. For more information, please visit www.gis247.com to view the webinar or email the GIS247 Training Manager, debbie[at]gis247.com.
Training Days: Published in GEOconnexion International Magazine June 2011, Volume 10, Issue 6. Click here... for the Training Days PDF of this issue. Click on the image to watch the webinar.

Traditional learning processes rely on a stop-start approach. In GIS terms, this invariably relates to a user attending a training course, listening to presentations, interacting with software and then returning home. The actual “learning” is often done after a course, through consolidation albeit without the lessons or the teacher remaining available.
eLearning permits a more fluid approach to learning. Lessons are available whenever they are required, 24/7; not constrained to a couple of days in a classroom. This “on demand” style provides great flexibility, allowing valuable information to be gleaned as and when required and lessons to be heard, paused and repeated as necessary. The teacher is only a mouse-click away. This flexibility allows learning to become part of working, allowing skills to be put into practice, transforming lessons into knowledge through the act of “doing”.
Thousands of GIS users currently enjoy the benefits of GIS247s approach, individually and collectively. Developing the skills of the “lesser” skilled allows them to become self-sufficient whilst freeing the “more” skilled to their work, also ably supported by 24/7 training material. This elevation of the ability of all is one of the finest advantages from GIS247s approach. This is the Skill Wave – the effect of training one GIS user radiating outwards to improve the situation for many. With multiple GIS users learning and generating their own ripples, the Skill Wave radiates through an organisation.
GIS247 has a proven track record in enabling GIS to be used better, more efficiently and to a greater extent in those organisations allowing their users to ride the Skill Wave.
Training Days: Published in GEOconnexion International Magazine May 2011, Volume 10, Issue 5.

The best investment any organisation can make into GIS is in the people who will be implementing and using the software and data. These ‘users’ need to develop key skills and the confidence to use GIS effectively and produce results accurately and efficiently. Providing a constant source of support and knowledge is the “learning on demand” approach of GIS247.com. Offering a range of full training courses and a library of technical modules, GIS247 is proven to support the development of all user levels, from novices to experts, as well as offering incredible value for money. For example one customer has calculated that the e-learning approach of GIS247 has delivered a return on investment of over 900%.
Providing an “always on” source of training provides benefits that extend beyond budgetary advantages. GIS247 customers have discovered that giving users access to training on demand has raised the overall skill level of those users, enabling novices to become self-sufficient in data preparation and map production whilst freeing experts to concentrate on more high-level tasks. This approach also unearths hidden talents; users whose GIS skills may have gone untapped under the constraints of traditional training programmes but are able to flourish and be noticed by developing their skills to the benefit of the entire organisation. Real life case studies demonstrating such achievements can be viewed at our web site.
GIS247 offers a range of courses in ArcGIS and MapInfo and we have also added a suite of ArcGIS 10.2 courses. All are available on-line and are accessible 24/7. Simply go on-line and register for a Free Account.
Training Days: Published in GEOconnexion International Magazine April 2011, Volume 10, Issue 4. Click here... for the Training Days PDF of this issue.


Through her organisations GIS247 licence Rosie Gilbert was given the opportunity to undertake a range of training courses in the Esri ArcGIS software. In the space of a year Rosie has gone from a total beginner to being a highly competent and skilled user.
Debbie Soloman finds out what a newcomer to GIS training has achieved twelve months on.
Published in GeoConnexion UK March/April 2011, Volume 9, Issue 2 and also as one of their on-line articles. Click on the image for the full article PDF.

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